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Save the Poor International is to create partnerships in developing and implementing community-based programs that focus on the areas of education, health, welfare of orphans, street children, persons with disability etc. Of equal importance to SPI are capacity development programs such as Youth Development and Employment programs, International Youth Exchange Programs, Information Technology Vand Community Computer Literacy Projects and Rural Development Projects.


SPI intends to achieve its Vision through the cooperation with all stakeholders in development including the rural communities where SPI operates, government, private institutions and other Non-Governmental Organisations (both local and international).


  • To assist the youth within the local communities develop themselves and realise their potential through education and skill training.
  • To encourage the formation of more new youth groups and organizations with the focus on development of youth through agricultural projects within the rural communities, thereby creating employment for the youth.
  • To create projects and awareness where people with interest within all sectors where ‘’SPI’’ operates can meet and share skills and ideas.
  • To organize both local and international projects and activities with more emphasis on developing the urban communities and rural areas.
  • To assist rural and urban communities educational institutions with learning teaching materials thus ensuring a smooth teaching and learning process.
  • To assist persons with disability within the rural and urban communities develop themselves and realise their potential through education, advocacy and skill training.
  • To honour the voice, professionalism and integrity of our staff and volunteers