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With over 150 children in the children’s homes and schools that we support, the needs are constant and you can help us plan for the many needs of these children year-round with your faithful monthly support. We will send all our monthly sponsors a special thank you follow up that includes a photo and story of a child who is receiving a better tomorrow thanks to you.

Knowing we can rely on your regular gifts will help us focus on the needs of the children and together we will all be partners in providing a brighter future for Africa’s children. SPI started changing children's lives around Ghana in August 2006 with the launch of our reaching out to the needy, the initiative aims at providing funding for school supplies and textbooks for countless children in need.

The program is a merit and financial need-based scholarship program that ensures well deserving children are not limited in pursuing their dreams. We invite individuals, companies, NGOs both local and international to join hands in reducing the number of vulnerable children and completely eradicating child poverty, solving the issues related to child labour and solving some basic community challenges.


Your donations allow us to continue impacting communities within Ghana. No donation is too small and ways to support are:

Monetary Gifts: Donating money to SPI allows for us to put these into areas of priority. These types of donations are used discretionary and go a long way to help.

In-kind Gifts – In-kind donations to SPI come in various forms and nothing goes to waste. There is always someone we can help with what we receive. Please, the following lists show items that we currently need and will be pleased to receive provided they are clean, work and are in very good condition: -

Current list of medical supplies and equipment need for hospitals and clinics:

• X-ray machines
• Cautry bipolar diathermy
• Hospital beds & mattresses
• Theater beds and mattresses
• Theater lights
• Anaesthesia machines
• Equipments for prostractomy
• Myomectomy
• Hysterectomy
• Drip stands
• Autoclaves
• Laboratory coats
• Nebulizers
• Microscopes
• E.C.G
• Trade mill for Cardiac patient
• Walking frames

Medical equipment and Supplies Continuous

• Patient monitors for vital sight
• Reagents for Lab
• Biochemistry Analyzer
• B.P Apparatus
• Laboratory supplies & Equipment
• Urological supplies
• Examination Tables
• Centrifuges
• Oxygen Enrichment machines
• PET All Terrain Wheelchairs
• Respiratory supplies
• Hospital linens
• Syringes
• Diabetic machines
• I.V supplies
• Walkers

Medical equipment and Supplies Continuous

• I.V stand
• Over the bed tables
• Children & Adult diapers
• Examination stools
• Pediatric chairs
• Hospital glove
• Structure beds
• Baby column scales
• Hand sanitizers
• Bandage tapes
• Eyeglasses of all kinds
• Treated mosquito nets
• Insect repellent and sprays
• Wheelchairs
• Crutches
• Canes
• Artificial limbs

Current list of school supplies and equipment need for rural community schools and orphanages:

• Student chairs and Desks - For schools in rural communities
• Laptops
• IPad
• Office furniture’s
• Desktop Computers and their accessories
• Printers and their accessories
• Exercise Books
• Note books
• School dictionaries
• Pens
• Pencils
• Calculators

School Supplies and equipments Continuous

• Math’s set
• Rulers
• Sharpeners
• Markers
• Colored pencils
• Crayons
• Erasers
• Libraries books
• Ziplock bags, all sizes
• Soccer balls
• Toys and games
• Boys and girls jerseys
• Water colours and brushes
• Soft balls

School Supplies and equipments Continuous

• Toy cars
• Glitter
• Safety scissors
• Stapler and staples
• Dry eraser markers for whiteboards
• Printer cartridges HP printer – cartridges HP#21 and 22 and HP#122, black and tricolour
• Projectors
• USBs
• White chalk
• Paper clips
• Large pair of scissors
• Batteries AAA and energizers

Current list of clothings, footwear’s and other needed items for poor and orphanages in rural communities:

• Clothing - Children, youth, and adult both male and female (gentle used or new) for both summer and winter wear
• Suits all sizes - Children, youth, and adult both male and female (gentle used or new) for both summer and winter wear
• Shoes, Boots and Sandals – Children, youth and adult both male and female (gentle used or new) in good condition
• Coat all sizes - Children, youth, and adult both male and female (gentle used or new) for both summer and winter wear
• Towels – all sizes (gentle used or new) for orphans, prisons, poor families, individuals and others
• Blankets all sizes - (gentle used or new)
• Bicycles all sizes - (used or new) must be in good condition and good working order for Children and Adults
• Home furniture’s - (gentle kused or new) must be in good condition
• Sewing machines: (gentle kused or new) must be in good condition and good working order for vocational training centres and individuals

Current list of Books/Religious materials need for hospitals, prisons, orphanages, schools, churches bible colleges and individuals:

• English Bibles both Old and New Testaments in good condition of all sizes acceptable
• Study bibles
• Bible commentaries
• Bible dictionaries
• Bible concordance
• Theological and teaching books
• Christian fiction and other religious books

Current list of Vehicle’s need

• Vehicles: - (gentle used or new) must be in good condition and good working order such as Vans, cars, Trucks and motorcycles. It would be good to have 4x4 pick-ups for easy distribution of donation items to deprived areas

How to donate

Thank you for helping us to provide continues care for the poor, the needy children, orphans, persons with disability, widows and individuals in rural communities in Ghana!

Save the Poor International is legally registered as a non-governmental and non-profit organization (NGO) in the Republic of Ghana; as such your donations to Save the Poor International are tax deductible! There are several ways that you can help us continue to help the Poor and the Needy in Rural and Urban communities in Ghana.

Monetary donations: Donations to Save the Poor International can be made either through PayPal, cheque or via Western Union.

How to donate Continuous

Please make cheques payable to Save the Poor International and send them to:

Save the Poor International
C/O Samuel Annoh Yeboah
P O Box Nk 195
Nkawkaw Kwahu, Eastern Region
Ghana West Africa

Please include your email address along with your cheque. Upon receiving your donation, Save the Poor International will send you a ‘thank you’ note as well as a receipt for your donation that can be used to claim your tax deduction.

Donations in kind

If you are interested in sending in kind donations to us, please kindly contact us on our email savethepoorinternational@gmail.com / info@savethepoorinternational.org for guidance. We will be able to tell you what the most pressing needs are and can direct you in the best method of sending the goods to us in Ghana.

We would also be very glad if assistance is given to us through the donation of Humanitarian and Relief items which we will further donate to Orphans, People with disability, Hospitals, Clinics, Schools, individuals, institutions that genuinely need help. Assistance can be in any form.

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